Facebook Advertising: Why I Prefer LeadPages Over ClickFunnels


Page Load Speed.

When you’re spending a ton of money on advertising, any difference in conversion is worth paying attention to.

And the page load speed on a shared server like ClickFunnels can kill your conversion.

When I use very simple HTML pages as landing pages with Facebook cold traffic, I’ve seen huge differences in conversion rates. Wherever the first entry points of your website is, make sure that it’s super fast.

Sure, you can make sure that you’ve actually got a page that actually converts initially. That means getting the headline & general messaging right, the offer and so on. Once you’ve got that figured out, then you can start optimizing for speed.

Of course, don’t take my word for it. You should always experiment for yourself to see if it’s going to be true for your business.

Spammy Association

There’s a lot of spammy offers on ClickFunnels and Facebook will index your page and see the ClickFunnels code. As such, they might associate you with some of those offers and penalize you accordingly.


With both LeadPages and ClickFunnels, you’re able to drag and drop, and create pages easily. The difference is that once you’ve got something that works relatively well, you can export the HTML code from LeadPages, remove any LeadPages code, and then run it from your own server.

This means you get speed, no LeadPages association in the code and the high converting landing page.

You can read my full review of LeadPages here.

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