Exactly What To Say Summary by Phil M. Jones

  1. But. People always remember what comes after the but. 
  2. How Open Minded Would You Be About Giving This Chance? How open minded are you
  3. What Do You Know? Without losing face. Everybody wins or everybody loses. 
  4. How Would You Feel If? Must feel right first before rational. 
  5. Just imagine. Must have first imagined yourself doing it. People make decisions based on the images they see. Just imagine how things will be in 6 months time. 
  6. When would be a good time? Subconsciously assume that there will be a time. When would be a good time to get start? When would be a good time to take a look at this?
  7. I’m guessing you haven’t got around to? Setting a date. Making a decision yet. 
  8. Simple swaps. What questions do you have for me? What’s the best number to contact you at?
  9. As I see it. You have three optionsWhat’s going to be easy for you?
  10. Decision catalyst. That drives results. Easy options. When choices are polarizing. Allow the others to pick. There are two types of people in this world 
  11. I bet you’re a bit like me. 
  12. If/Then Sandwiches. If you don’t eat all your dinner, then you’re not going to get your dessert. If you’re prepared to give this a try, then I’m certain you’re going to get the results you want 
  13. Don’t worry. Power on people who are nervous. When they’re anxious or fearful. Don’t worry. You’re bound to be nervous. Don’t worry, I felt just the way you felt. 
  14. Most people. Single most successful reason for closing deals. Overcome indecision. Safety in numbers. What most people would do in this situation. What most people would do is place a small order to get started, commit to a few of the product and then try others. What most people do….
  15. The good news. Spin negative into positive. Labeling. When you hear a bad news, say that’s great. The good news is…
  16. What happens next. What happens next is that we’re going to take your details and you’re fully aware of what needs to be happen. 
  17. What makes you say that? The person that controls the conversation is always the person that asks the question. Don’t tackle statements with counter arguments. Instead ask inquisitive questions. Prevents pre-judgements. Makes them take responsibility. 
  18. Before you make your mind up. Look, before you you make your mind up, let’s summarize. Let’s make sure you have all the facts. Wouldn’t it make sense to talk to the people it would make a difference?
  19. If I can, will you? If I can pick you up, then will you be ready for 7 pm? If I can match that offer for you, will you be willing to accept it?
  20. Enough. Quantity. Would 8 apples be enough for you?
  21. Just one more thing. Upsell. Downsell. Sample a product. Commit to a small order. Invite them to an event. 
  22. A Favor. As we reach the end, perhaps you can do me a small favor. The best time to ask for more is when they say thank you because that’s when they have a feeling of indebtitude. You wouldn’t happen to know. Someone just like you that would benefit from. Then SHUT UP. You couldn’t do a further favor? Would you be open minded about getting Steve? 
  23. Just out of curiosity. “I just need some time to think about it” Just out of curiosity, what is it specifically that you need to think about? Just out of curiosity, what needs to happen for you to make a decision? Just out of curiosity, what is it that’s stopping you from making a decision? Then wait during the elongated, awkward pause. Ask the big, brave questions. 
  24. So how does this stuff works? It works GREAT! Don’t give specifics. 

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