Leadpages 2017 Review After 4 Years

I’ve been a user of Leadpages since 2013 so for about 4 years. After using it for a while, I wrote a review in 2014 and a comparison of Leadpages to OptimizePress (where both the founder of Leadpages and OptimizePress have left reviews).

Leadpages has gone through a lot of changes since I first started using them, some for worse, others for better, but overall it’s much better in my opinion. They’ve also acquired Drip from Rob Walling which is essentially an autoresponder with some bells and whistles added on top. I’ve seen a lot of my friends going for either Drip or ConvertKit and I’m thinking of leaving Infusionsoft too for reasons I might write up in another article.





There was a period of time when I really hated Leadpages and felt like a lot of their changes were making things were and just wished that they’d left the damn thing alone. I had a few hundred landing pages made on Leadpages and the problem is that it would try to load my oldest pages dynamically a few pages at a time and just keep loading forever before I could do anything. It felt like I had to wait an hour before I could get to click on the most recently edited page since it loads from the start of time. You could run out, get some lunch, have a few calls on Skype and return and the loading would almost be finished. And then after editing the page, saving and returning to “My Pages” I would have to go through the same thing all over again. That was the closest I got to cancelling their services. I should have complained directly to Leadpages and see what they were doing to fix it but I complained instead to a friend that knew Clay well and he told me that they knew the issue and were working on fixing it.

Well thankfully they’ve have done that and the new interface is now much better for it. It does look slicker and more importantly, I can access my pages without waiting forever anymore.


A Look At the Leadpages Interface


Part of the reason I like Leadpages is that they have a ton of resources that they can expend on development which means that they’re adding a ton of cool features fast. When you want to create landing pages fast and you don’t want to go through the whole process of building a page from scratch, Leadpages have made that super easy with just a few clicks which was part of their proposition from the start.


Note: None of the videos have audio


They’ve also added a drag and drop section which is very similar to Clickfunnels which is very slick. The only issue is that it takes a bit of time to load but once you’re inside, everything is quite responsive:




When you spend thousands or tens of thousands a day on driving traffic to your hyper optimized landing pages, well you want to make sure that they’re online and stay online. Unfortunately, all of the landing page services I’ve tried have been down at one time or another including Leadpages. Thankfully, in most instances, it doesn’t happen 99% of the times. But when it does happen, it’s really frustrating. While Leadpages’ customer service is usually very good, they weren’t too sympathetic when I said that thousands of ad dollars were wasted (not to mention the lost revenue) when they were down. I did ask for some form of compensation thinking that maybe they could at least give me a few months of credit for such a major fuck up and for being a loyal customer. But they turned me down flat saying it wasn’t their fault, it was Google’s.

Since then, I’ve had the HTML version of the most important pages as a back up so that I can redirect them if it happens again but it hasn’t happened for quite a long time and I’ve gotten lazy about doing that process too.




The pricing is $37 a month for Standard and $79 a month for Pro. If you subscribe to it on an annual basis however, it works out to being $25 a month for Standard and $49 for Pro. That’s a massive discount. If you’re thinking of trying them out, I would subscribe to the monthly first and if you know that you’ll keep using them, you can change it to annual billing since it’ll save you $360 per year. They also have a 2 year plan where you pay 2 years in advance at $17 for Standard and $42 for Pro. I don’t think it’s really worth it for Pro but for Standard it’s a big enough discount to be worth paying 2 years in advance.

I’ve been subscribed to the Pro version since I’ve signed up. The only reason for me is the A/B Split Testing which is makes it more than worth it for me (even though the stats are a bit buggy sometimes).




If you look through Leadpages’ integration page, you’d think that they integrate fully with a lot more third party sites than they actually do. Some of the integrations listed there aren’t true integrations. I think that they best way to figure out what integrations they actually work well with is being going through the integrations settings page:


What To Use Leadpages For (And What It’s Not For)


Here’s a quick list of what I personally use Leadpages for:

  • Capture email leads for various marketing activities – this encompasses a lot but it’s always the same formula which is offer something in exchange for contact details. It can be for an eBook, catalog, webinar, video series, email series, etc.
  • Thank you pages – the page after they subscribe thanking them for doing so
  • Messenger bot opt in pages – you can have autoresponder series set up for messenger and have them subscribe through Leadpages with a bit of modification
  • Distributing coupon codes for Amazon and Shopify products. I use to do a lot more of this when you could giveaway products in exchange for reviews but now it’s more just discount code in exchange for discounts
  • Running quick experiments for Facebook & Adwords and measuring results. Very quick and easy for running experiments on the headline, main image, bullet points. For drag and drop, you can’t do A/B tests yet but you can set up two separate pages so that you can test the structure of the page as well and then have one ad go to one page and the other ad to another.

What I don’t use Leadpages for:

  • Building entire WordPress websites – there aren’t enough pages of the same style to make it work. I prefer OptimizePress for this where you can just copy and paste the same pages within WordPress and make a few changes
  • Building membership sites – I’ll use OptimizePress or use a custom solution. I generally prefer OP because it’s easy to use shortcodes from a Membership plugin within OP created pages



Is Leadpages for you? If you’re spending advertising dollars fairly consistently on driving traffic to your website, then I think it’s a definite yes. Whether as a small business owner or a marketing agency, this is an important part of the digital toolkit that’ll help you make more money.

If on the other hand, you’re just testing the waters or fiddling around, then I don’t think it’s really worth it since it’s an ongoing cost. I would probably use OptimizePress since it’s probably one of the only page creation software that doesn’t force an recurring fee (you can subscribe for the OP Club which gives you extra templates). Most of the other ones like Clickfunnels, Instapage, Unbounce and so on all charge on a recurring basis which given the amount of work required to keep the app up to date and maintaining it, I think is quite fair.

For me, the ability to come up with a landing page idea and have a working page for Facebook advertising 10 minutes later is the reason why I still use Leadpages and will probably keep using them.

Thanks for reading this review. Have questions? Please let me know!

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  1. What about having complex custom websites made? Outsource to fiverr or upwork? For example if i wanted a search engine custom made to compete with google.

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