Setting Up Your First Infusionsoft Campaign – Opt In and Delivery


Infusionsoft Opt In and Lead Magnet Delivery

You will learn in this article how you can take advantage of Infusionsoft to deliver a lead magnet.

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That is, a bribe to get someone on your list. If you’ve never used Infusionsoft before or you want to set up your first campaign, this is a good place to start.

Let’s assume that you would like to use Infusionsoft to help position yourself as an expert by delivering solutions to a problem your ideal clients would have. You can deliver this in the form of video, audio, report, white paper, or even just a plain blog post so long as it’s information that your potential prospect genuinely wants.

We’ll assume that you’re targeting small businesses that are looking to multiply their revenues exponentially (after all, who doesn’t want that?). You offer a free PDF report entitled, “How a Small Business Such as Yours Can MULTIPLY Revenues in just 5 Easy Steps” (generally “how to” reports do pretty well).

You will need to map out the funnel mentally or write it out. In our case, let’s say that we’ve gotten a bunch of publicity and people are finding your home page organically via a Google search. Now we would like to get these people onto our list and into our money-making funnel.

The funnel can look something like this: Home Page -> Opt In -> Delivery of the Free PDF Report

infusionsoft consulting funnel
infusionsoft example consulting funnel

Now let’s look at the step by step process for doing this.

Setting Up the Opt In

Step 1. Choose any of the Goals

Choose any one of the goals inside Campaign Builder




It really doesn’t matter which one you choose because all of the goals do the exact same thing — only the icon/picture is different. I typically just use the “Sign up for newsletter” one because it looks more representative. By default, it should give you the form option:



If not, you can just click on the lower left and pick “Submits a Web Form”.


Step 2. Double click on the icon itself

This will allow you to edit the form. This is how it’s going to look when you first load it up:


If you use LeadPages, UnBounce or OptimizePress, then this will suffice since you generally can’t add any extra fields or use any design  changes we make here (the exception being UnBounce). I’ll cover how you can customize your Infusionsoft Form in a later tutorial.

Step 3. Choose Confirmation Page


Afterwards, you will need to decide where they will be sent to after they submit their details. You’re going to have two options here. One is to use Infusionsoft’s own landing page and the other is custom URL which you can enter. By default, you’re going to see Infusionsoft’s one first:

Infusionsoft Default Thank You Page
Infusionsoft Default Thank You Page


You’ll see that it says, “Thanks for filling out our form, ~Contact.FirstName~!” This means that after you will out the form as “Joe”, then you’ll see “Thanks for filling out our form, Joe!” after pressing submit.

If you wanted to, you can put a link to your free report here.

You can also type in your own URL by picking “Web address” under the “Thank-you Page to Display”:

Infusionsoft Custom URL Page
You can choose a Custom URL Page here

A lot of smart marketers use this option because you can take advantage of the “Pass Contact’s information to the thank-you page” option.

That option allows you to pass the contact’s detail to your own page — you can use that information to automatically enrol your contact in a webinar or teleseminar for instance without making them type in their details all over again.

Simply present them with a few options: We’ve got one on Saturday at 6 pm, one on Monday 3 pm. Pick One and Press Submit.


Step 4. Get the Code

Now it’s time to put up the web form.

You’ll have a few different options depending on what you’re using on the front end (e.g. WordPress, LeadPages, etc.).

If you’re going to be putting the opt in form straight into a WordPress post or PHP page for example, then you can use the “Javascript Snippet”. Just copy and paste it into your web page and you’re done.


You can also just let Infusionsoft host the form.


For those of you that are using LeadPages, then go to the Integration settings:

Leadpages Infusionsoft Integration
Leadpages Infusionsoft Integration

Then click on Infusionsoft:



Now you’ll need your API in order to integrate Infusionsoft and LeadPages.

For OptimizePress (2.0) users, it’s a very similar process. Just go to OptimizePress -> Dashboard -> Email Marketing Services -> Infusionsoft:


You can then set the API key and your Infusionsoft application name. If you use, your application name would be ab123

Step 5. Activate the Form

It’s very easy to make this mistake but make sure that you set the form to “Ready” otherwise it won’t work!

After you’ve done that, now you’re ready to set up the emails. Just click on “Back to Campaign” in the top left.

Note that if you make any changes to the form, you have to “Publish” the Campaign (see bottom) then go back to get the updated code in some instances (e.g. if you’re using the HTML code).

Setting Up the Delivery

Step 1. Drag and Drop Sequence

Drag and drop the “Sequence” box. This will hold the Email Delivery Sequence where we’ll send out the Free Report.


Step 2. Drag Arrow From Opt In to Sequence

Now we just connect the arrow from the opt in form to the sequence. This tell Infusionsoft that one leads to the other.



Step 3. Add Delivery Email

Now double click on the sequence and then drag the “Email” icon.




Step 4. Type Email Message and Set the Download Link

Double click on the email icon to edit the email.


You can compose your message here and set the link for the download or you can send it out as an attachment.


Step 5. Add Reminder Email

In case the recipient does not click on the link, we can put in a reminder for them to download the free report. Just drag and drop the “Timer” and set the amount of time to wait before sending out the reminder. You can have the reminders set to go out on a weekday, weekend, time of day and so on. You can also send out multiple reminder emails.


Following Up

Step 1. Drag and Drop One of the Goals

If you’re going to send reminder emails, you’ll need to set up another Goal so we know when to pull the contact out of the previous sequence. Otherwise, it will send the reminder email regardless of whether they actually downloaded their Free Report. We do this by dragging and dropping the “Indicate Interest” icon and connecting it to the sequence:


Step 2. Set Goal

Now double click on the goal and select what the goal would be:


If any of these goals are achieved, then Infusionsoft will take them out of the previous sequence.

Step 3. Drag and Drop Follow Up Sequence

After they’ve downloaded the report, we can also send follow up emails by adding another sequence:


Step 4. Create Follow Up Email(s)

Drag and drop the email icon as before and edit the content:



Step 5. Publish!


Finally go back and then click on “Publish”

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