Design Money Making Klaviyo Emails

The most important elements of Klaviyo Emails are:

  • Header
  • Body Content with Imagery
  • Call to Action (most important)
  • Social Links or Footer

For the header, just having a bit of branding (your logo) is enough.

Ideally color should match your branding on the email. Consider your mission and audience.

If you’re promoting a relatively simple product, there’s really no need to go very heavy with text. But if it’s something that needs explaining, then making sure that the text is readable goes a long way.

The call to action is very important. It’s good to have just ONE call to action, ONE offer and no distractions. If you try to achieve multiple things in one email, you won’t achieve anything. It’s better to be focused on the one thing you’re trying to achieve.

If you’re going to split test, try split testing the subject lines and the offer as they’re more likely to make a difference to the bottom line.

Klaviyo Product Launches

The mistake I’ve seen a lot of businesses make is announcing their product launch on the day without warming up the list and preparing them in advance.

A better strategy is to get your customers excited about an upcoming product launch and to build some anticipation.

Let’s say that you’re planning to launch a Yoga Mat with a unique anti slide technology to your Yoga subscribers at the end of September.

Your Yoga product launch calendar can look something like this:

  • 1 September: Product Story and Intro to your Engaged Subscribers (these can be your frequent buyers and reviewers)
  • 10 September: VIP Beta Requests to Your VIP Subscribers
  • 15 September: VIP Feedback
  • 22 September: VIP Early Bird Specials to Your VIP Openers. You can also include Openers from the 1 September email if the list is small
  • 26 September: Announcing launch for next day (sent to Openers)
  • 27 September: Launch Email (sent to Engaged, Not Bought)
  • 28 September: Post Launch (sent to Non Opened)
  • 30 September: Last Day Email and Final Hours Email (Sent to Not Bought) — these emails usually generate the most money so don’t forget these!

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