The Most Valuable Real Estate?

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No, it’s not a luxury flat in Monaco. I’m actually talking about your mind! That grey and white matter that makes you… you! The thoughts that occupy your mind needs to be carefully considered. You need to think about what you’re thinking. Read the rest here.

The 80/20 of Business Owners

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Not many entrepreneurs make it to become owners of a business that can support them and their lifestyles. Only a small percentage of entrepreneurs that try and persist will succeed. That's the 80/20 rule at play among start ups (though it's probably be closer to like 95/5 in reality). Of the ones that do make it, ...

Essential Tools To Run a 7+ Figure Amazon Business

Essential Tools These are the tools that I consider crucial in running my Amazon business. 1. AmzTracker AmzTracker has evolved quite quickly to be an all in one tool where you can: Keep track of keyword ranks and sales ranks (works well) There's a review club where you can offer your products in exchange for reviews. This works sometimes but there are ...

Facebook Lead Ads Integrator

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Facebook has recently released a new lead ads feature which is really great. I didn't get very good results initially but after further testing, I have managed to get leads at €0.12 per opt-in. So I am definitely a convert.   Part of the reason they work so well is that they stay within the Facebook Ecosystem (rather ...

Facebook Conversion Tracking with Shopify

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Facebook Advertising is the number one driver of sales for my Shopify store (and a significant driver for Amazon). The great thing about running Facebook Ads to Shopify is that you can see the direct cost/return within the Facebook dashboard. Facebook has made a lot of changes, mostly for the better, so the data might take ...