Infusionsoft Gets $55 Million For Growth

Infusionsoft has announced today that it received $55 million in growth financing led by Bain Capital Ventures. That brings the total amount raised to more than $125 million.

The money will be used, according to Infusionsoft’s press release, on “further product development and commercial expansion.” That is good news for current Infusionsoft users as it will mean more capabilities on an already powerful CRM system.

Learn more about Infusionsoft’s “ecosystem” here:

  • Infusionsoft has more than 25,000 customers and 87,000 users in 100 countries
  • Infusionsoft users have sent 3.8 billion emails year-to-date
  • Infusionsoft has over 600 employees

The space that Infusionsoft has been operating in is certainly growing and a key part of its financial attractiveness. The only other “real” competitor in this space is Ontraport which gets a good deal of business (partially for being the cheaper alternative).

There have been some complaints recently from Infusionsoft users during the latest software updates which has caused bugs and errors (some of which are still ongoing). Apparently some start ups are looking to take a piece of this growing pie and are in stealth mode.

Read my Infusionsoft Review here.

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